Enhance the shopping experience with in-store air conditioning

Shopping is a way to relax. And good air conditioning creates the perfect shopping environment, encouraging customers to stay longer and increasing their enjoyment of shopping. Modern air-conditioning systems inconspicuously keep the in-store climate under control. They cool and heat cost-effectively throughout the year - an investment that quickly pays for itself.

Comfort air conditioning for individual rooms

Monosplit air-conditioning systems for individual rooms are split into one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit.
Individual Rooms

Comfort air conditioning for several rooms

Multisplit air-conditioning systems cover several rooms. Each room has an indoor unit, and all indoor units can be individually regulated.
Several Rooms

Comfort air conditioning for large premises

VRF multisplit air-conditioning systems, which cover whole floors and buildings, combine hundreds of indoor units with several outdoor ones. And the temperature of each zone can be individually regulated.
Large Premises