Good air conditioning for true relaxation

There’s no place like home. If it's too hot outside, our ultra-quiet air-conditioning systems keep the air in the room fresh. In winter, systems with a heat pump function can keep you warm, too. In well-regulated combination with oil and gas-fired heating, they considerably reduce the CO2 emissions of your heating system.

Fresh air for more refreshing sleep

Snuggle in, sleep well and awaken refreshed – the air conditioning gently and quietly fans fresh air into your bedroom.Comfort A/C for bedrooms

A cool place in the sun

In summer, your greenhouse or conservatory attracts the heat. And in the attic, too, it can get stifling. A modern air-conditioning system works away quietly to keep you cool and refreshed.Comfort A/C for conservatories & attic rooms

At last, your own personal air conditioning!

In summer, modern air-conditioning systems provide an ideal climate within your own four walls – even in new buildings, in which insulation often creates heat traps.Comfort A/C for flats & houses