KX series – High-tech air conditioners for large premises

The KX series offers you maximum comfort and a pleasant environment through distributed air conditioning with individual operating parameters. With their full inverter technology that regulates the output and maximum levels of efficiency, KX systems are extremely economical, saving you money and energy.

KX outdoor units are little gems when it comes to space, for they have a footprint of less than 1 m² while offering a nominal cooling capacity of up to 68 kW, and less than 2 m² for 73.5 to 136 kW. They also offer an excellent weight/performance ratio (e.g. 68 kW cooling capacity at just 355 kg).

A great number of indoor units can be connected in one KX system for maximum total refrigerant pipe lengths of 1000 m, enabling you to design your projects individually as you wish.

User-friendly remote controls - for example a touch panel with German user interface, developed by STULZ - and numerous possibilities for integration in building services management systems provide individual, extensive and central control capabilities.STULZ Comptrol®

Our great range of models and extended operating limits provide comfort in all seasons, with cooling and dehumidification in summer and monovalent heating in deepest winter. This also enables the KX multisplit air-conditioning system to be adapted to their surroundings in the best possible way, in both new and renovated buildings.

Overview of KX indoor units

Nominal cooling capacity (kW)
Nominal heating capacity (kW)
Model 22283645567190112140160224280
Ceiling cassettes
FDT ceiling cassette, 4-sided   
FDTC ceiling cassette, Euro-scale        
FDTW ceiling cassette    
FDTS ceiling cassette           
FDTQ (TQ) ceiling cassette          
Duct units
FDTQ (QR) duct unit          
FDQS duct unit        
FDUH duct unit          
FDUM duct unit    
FDU duct unit           
Wall-mounted units
FDK wall-mounted unit       
Ceiling suspension units
FDE ceiling suspension unit     
FDSN ceiling convector    
Chest units
FDFL chest unit       
FDFW chest unit          
FDFU chest installation unit       
Door air curtains
FDZ door air curtain Design according to door height and width
Expansion valve kit
FDX expansion valve kit  

● Units available in this output range
■ Unit power adapted on site by modifying the DIP switches of a larger model

Overview of KX6 outdoor units

No. of indoor units (min/max) 1/61/81/81/151/191/221/361/401/361/402/442/49
Nominal cooling capacity (kW) 11.21415.522.428.033.540.045.050.456.061.568.0
Nominal heating capacity (kW) 12.51616.325.031.537.545.050.056.563.069.073.0
Model 112140155224280335400450504560615680
KX6 (2 pipes)
FDC outdoor unit, 2 pipes          
KX6 (2 pipes)
FDC KX6 outdoor unit, 2 pipes          
KX6 (2 pipes)
FDC KX6 outdoor unit, 2 pipes       
KXR6 (3 pipes), with heat recovery
FDC KXR6 outdoor unit, 3 pipes    

No. of indoor units (min/max) 2/532/582/612/652/692/592/622/663/723/763/80
Nominal cooling capacity (kW) 73.580859096101106.5113123.5130136
Nominal heating capacity (kW) 82.59095110108113119.5127138142146
Model 735800850900960101010651130123513001360
KX6 (2 pipes)
FDC KX6 / KXR6 outdoor units, 2 or 3 pipes
KXR6 (3 pipes), with heat recovery
FDC KX6 / KXR6 outdoor units, 2 or 3 pipes

Operating range, cooling: -15 to +43°C. Heating: -20 to +15.5°C


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