Comfort air conditioning for individual rooms

Monosplit System

Monosplit air-conditioning systems for individual rooms are split into one or more indoor units and one outdoor unit. Indoor units with heat pump function can not only cool rooms, but heat them as well. The two parts of the system are interconnected by pipes in which environmentally friendly refrigerant circulates.

In particularly large rooms, the outdoor unit provides air to several indoor units that are connected in parallel (simultaneous multisplit).

The indoor unit is available in a variety of designs: as a wall-mounted, stand-alone or ceiling model, or for inconspicuous installation in ventilation ducts and suspended ceilings. It is regulated by wired or infrared remote control.

All parts of the air-conditioning system are solid installations. They can be fitted quickly and neatly by specialist cooling and air-conditioning firms.

Flexible room air conditioners for business and industry

FDS-series from MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Monosplit and simultaneous multisplit air conditioners incorporating up to 4 indoor units in the medium output range of up to 28 kW.
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Air conditioning for individual rooms

S-series from MITSUBISHI Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Monosplit room air conditioners with a low output range of up to 8 kW.
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